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2.2 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy

Chapter 2.1

Last time, a long time ago, Claes got stuck on the thought whether Justine Keaton was rich or not. He found out she was not. Then both her and her husband Marty died at the Motvalls lot. Tamara continued to work in the Political career and steal money from the campaign funds. Karl, the heir, started to look for a wife and found Gillian, who was taken. He talked her out of her old relationship and hurriedly married her. Karl started to work in the Athletics career and continued to wear the wrong clothes for each occasion. Gillian started to challenge ranked chess players.They struggled for a while to get pregnant, but eventually had a son and heir, Anders.

0188 Bad performance

Claes makes it very difficult for himself at work. No matter what he does, his work performance is going down.

He risks being demoted soon – it would be devastating for his workoholic self.

0189 Anders

Michele, the butler, is stuck on baby duty. The crib is even placed in her room.

0189 Gym

Claes is forced by an opportunity of some kind to go to the gym. He hates every minute of it.

0191 Gillian Elinore

In the meantime, Gillian has an opportunity to become friends with Ellinore Dennestrand

0192 No good

0193 Plus

It doesn't work out too well at first

0194 Plus

But when darkness falls they are getting along better.

0195 Gym

By then, Claes quit working out and started his recovery with a drink in the gym's cafeteria, where he practically lived the first time of this legacy

0196 Dinner

Gillian: "Can you beleive we had two neighbours dying here last week?!"
Eleonore: ...

0197 Birthday

For Anders birthday, Tamara organized a fund raiser party to kill two birds with one stone. Anna is here and has found something to eat.

0198 Anders toddler

Anders has a lighter skintone than his father, but a darker than his mother. He's got his mother's light brown hair and his father's light yellow legacy eyes.

0199 Anders tree

And here is his tree, with parents and grandparents on both sides alive and well.

0200 PArty

Gillian is a party animal and loves every second of the birthday/fndraising party.

0201 Phone

Then she calls Eleonore and says:

"Hi, I thought you should be the first to know - I think we're expecting again!"
"Why do you think that?"
"Because - uh - would you excuse me, I don't feel so well!"

0202 PregnantBLAARGH!!

0203 195 days

Tamara, 195 days old, has thrown yet another terrific party and relaxes with some darts.

0204 Stereo

Karl has got the opportunity to fix Gillian's ex Joel's stereo, and he does it, don't ask me why.

0205 Guitar

And Claes continues to play guitar for tips in the park

0206 Tamara athletics

There are way too many athletic opportunities in Sims3. Tamara is completing one of them all.

0207 Claes athletics

Claes has an athletic opportunity, too, and we get the message that he slips off the treadmill. When zooming in on him he has regained his posture. But where is his stomach going?

0208 Funds

Tamara spends a lot of time at parties, too, and never misses an opportunity to ask the guests for campaign funds.

0209 Advice

Karl has rolled a wish to ask a chief butler for advice, but when he does, it doesn’t fulfill his wish. Wonder why?

0210 Skinny

CLAES! What has happened to you?! Look at him, all skinny and super hungry - this is not the Claes Motvalls we know!

0211 Gillian

Even pregnant couch potato Gillian keeps getting athletic opportunities - this game is crazy! She's very cute though, I love to have her in the family!

0212 Down

The work performance for Claes is still a problem. Have no idea what to do about it

0213 Reading

Karl spends some quality time with Anders and nearly misses a very important event -

0214 Late

He puts on his child delivery snake jacket and rushes off to assist Gillian

0215 Eva

He meets her in the door with their new daughter Eva

0216 Traits

Eva is good and brave and will be a generation 3 spare and sidekick for the rest of her life.

0217 Tips done

The still very skinny Claes reports his athletic progress to a lady who might want a different hairdresser

0218 198 days leader of the free world

Tamara is out on some dirty business with the local crime organisation it seems...

0219 Fixed TV

And Karl continues to fix electronic equipment for everyone, including his sister Anna's eternal boyfriend Jeremey. They have been going out and lived together since forever, but never married and didn't have children, at least not yet.

0221 Talking

At home, Gillian teaches Anders to talk

0222 Jam Lars

And Tamara has arranged another fundraiser/birthday party. Claes jams with their son Lars, but he's very hungry again

0223 Party

Tamara decides to perform a song too before the main event

0224 Eva

It's Eva's birthday and Tamarathinks it's boring not to be the center of attention.

0225 Writing

Karl gets an opportunity that is related to his LTW! He immediately starts writing a crime novel. And just look how fit he’s becoming! Looks much better on him than on Claes.

Next time - change of careers...

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