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2.1 Motvalls - A sims 3 Legacy

Chapter 1.4
Last time, Tamara and Claes became elders. Tamara made it a habit to steal money from the campaign funds. Anna's awkward teen years ended and she became a young adult. She moved out and now lives with her boyfriend from high school, Jeremey Kennedy.
Lars did several failed tries to paint his family's portraits, but eventually succeeded with all but himself. Karl and Lars grew up to young adults and Karl realized that he needs a wife if he's going to continue this legacy, so he started looking. The most interesting prospect was Gillian Gerdsparr, but she has a boyfriend already. After he became a young adult, Lars finished the portrait of himself and was kicked out.

The moon sets early Monday morning in the lake behind the Motvalls house

Since Claes met Justine Keaton, he has it in his head that he needs to know whether she’s rich or not. Instead of taking the car to visit her, he jogs across town to her house.

In the meantime Tamara gets promoted to Vice President. Then she heads off to Justine’s too.

Justine works as a police officer. She greets the Motvalls but doesn’t let them in, so Claes has to wonder for a time more about her financial status

Here’s a good look of Karl, our heir. With my new Fraps program we can even see him! He maintains the founding colours – dark red hair, very dark skin and light yellow eyes. He lost the build of the founder though – he is lean like his mother.
The real reason for this picture, though, is to tell our readers that Karl finished his latest novel and is coming closer to his goal of becoming a Brilliant Author.

His mother Tamara has calmed down a bit since she became an elder. After she has screamed hot-headedly at the toilet for breaking, she calmly calls the repairman.

Just in time, too, because it’s time for another fund raiser party. The repair man is stuck on the stairs with all the guests. We might have to redesign the entrance to this house.

Look! Gillian is here, and Karl takes the opportunity to chat her up. They are at least reaching “Good friends” status

Karl: ”I cannot believe I’ve got this gorgeous woman in my arms! The best friendly hug ever!!”

At the end of the party, only Christopher Steel and Henrik Keaton are left. Tamara chats Christopher up, but what she really want is to ask Henrik for a contribution. He won’t leave the guitar, though!

After all the guests leave, Tamara and Claes gravitate towards each other again. They are so cute!

They go back to Justine’s house to finally find out if she’s rich. Justine’s husband Marty lets them in and they find that she doesn’t have very much money. Issue settled!

Back home, Karl invites Gillian over for some private time and to try out that friendly hug thing again. 

It’s hard work to flirt with an unflirty sim, but he succeeds even in getting his first kiss from her!

Karl: ”Gillian, I want to be with you! Please break up with Joel!”

Gillian: ”You’re right, I’m through with Joel. He will be pissed off with you though!”

Then things move fast.

Hey! You’re not the one supposed to be sick!

Now some random events:

Tamara went to the gym in search for someone she should talk to for an opportunity. Instead she met her daughter Anna and told her a hilarious joke.

Claes stayed at home, practicing his guitar play

Then we find that Tamara has become a celebrity! Only one star, but still!

And so has Gillian. The newlyweds are still trying to produce an heir, but Karl is very hungry.

They’re cute with their very different colours and different build. Gillian actually looks a lot like Karl’s sister Anna, but don’t tell him that, it might be awkward.

Talking about awkward. Marty Keaton was over to visit. The Keaton’s are often here. Then he dies in the family’s bathroom!

That’s more like it!

With his wife pregnant, Karl wished for a butler and Michele was hired. She really could use a make-up class, but she’s an efficient butler. When Tamara isn’t bothering her for campaign contributions.

This picture is to show you that

1)      Karl still works as an author occasionally
2)      Lars is still around in the neighbourhood, and Gillian likes to talk to him on the phone
3)      Michele does some actual housework

And now for some more everyday life:

Both Tamara, Claes and Karl wishes for the household to be worth 100.000§. For Tamara it’s even her LTW. Karl has so far been working parttime as a receptionist at the spa, but to be able to make more money he applies for a job as a Fanatic Fan in the athletics career. It fits with his athletic, excitable and insane personality.

So he starts going to the gym in his swim trunks

And jogging in his everyday wear that he never uses as everyday wear.

Then he goes to see his sister in his workout wear, but only her everlasting boyfriend Jeremey is at home. They have a nice afternoon talking.

In the meantime, Gillian becomes a two-star celebrity by challenging the neighbourhood to chess games

Her pregnancy is confirmed and she gets four days off from her job at the book store.

And her and Claes goes to a party to meet Hank Goodard, who represents opportunities for them both.

Claes has found his favourite spot in the park. He is often found here with a book or a guitar.

Tamara works on her connections and has started to get followed around by paparazzis.

Tamara invited a depressed Justine, who recently lost her husband in this very house. She tried to console her old friend when Justine snapped at her.

Tamara: “Hey, hey, I just wanted to show my sympathy. Don’t bite me!”

Justine: “I don’t want your sympathy, I want my Marty!! And you still have your husband right beside you, it’s not fair!!”

Tamara: ”Let’s jam a little instead”

Justine: “Ok... I feel a bit off”

No wonder! Justine leaves this simiverse at the Motvalls house, too!! And Tamara, who started to wish not to be friends with Justine anymore, really gets her wish!

Karl is ignorant and really enjoys his time alone in the newly bought hot tub.

Gillian enjoys her pregnancy and takes all opportunities to watch TV or playing video games.

In the morning it’s time for the baby. Karl follows his Gillian to the hospital, dressed in his snake skin jacket.

A couple of hours later they come back out with a baby boy! The patriarchy is saved once more, but Gillian wanted a girl, so they might try for a little sister for...

Generation 3 heir – Anders – Loner who Hates Nature

Next time - we don't really know what will happen...

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