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1.4 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy

Chapter 1.3

Last time, like two years ago, Claes reaches his LTW of becoming a CEO, and then got promoted two more steps in his career! Tamara was angry and raised money for her political career. Anna grew up to an awkward teen and her little brothers Karl and Lars as well. Lars started to paint to later be able to paint the family portraits and Karl decided already as a child that he would become a brilliant author.

Tamara has received two opportunities lately. For one, she needs to meet 4 new sims, and for one she’s supposed to become friends with this guy, Christopher Steel.

So she spends some time at the gym working on her opportunities.

And in the middle of the conversation, she turns into an old hag! That dress does really not suit her, it looks like a night gown!

Back home, the family has been able to buy some more kitchen appliances. More counters and a sink. That makes another thing that the neurotic Anna, Karl and Claes can worry about.

Anna has other things to think about right now, though. Her old friend from school, Jeremey Kennedy has caught her eye, since he’s boyfriend material.

She looks like she’s trying to strangle him, but she’s actually performing a massage. Poor Jeremey looks like she’s a bit hard-handed.

Lars continues his painting. This is supposed to be a portrait of his mother. He will have to give it another try!

Tamara gets promoted to Mayor, the same day as she stole another 5.000§ from the campaign fund. She’s continuing to try to become best friends with Christopher Steel.

Claes arranges a party for Nick Alto as a work opportunity. Nick recently lost his wife Vita and is very upset. All the guests are crowding the front porch, so Claes doesn’t make it to prepare the barbeque.

The barbecue gets started after a while, and it’s a nice party!

At least until Angelica Langö leaves in a different fashion than the other guests...

The new dining table is a favourite spot for the kids to do their homework. If they do it at all. Usually they’re catching up in school. I guess that’s why Anna doesn’t end up on the honor list even though she wants to.

Lars: “This homework stinks! I should be excepted from homework, I’m a genius, you know!”
Anna: “In that case, the homework stink matches your own. Did you ever consider a shower?”
Karl: Reads a book

Here is the geniuses portrait of his father. It, too, has to be re-done.

Tamara gets promoted again, after stealing another 148§ from the campaign fund. She’s now a Board Member.

Then it’s time for Anna’s birthday. On her last day of school, she managed to make it to the honor list. She looks a lot better now than what she did when she became a teen. Let’s see what young adulthood does to her appearance.

Well, better than as a teen. She’s a whole lot of woman, indeed! She aquires the new trait of being a Loner.

She also decides she wants to become a Star News Anchor and accepts a job in Journalism as a Paper girl. Now she will just wait for Lars to finish her portrait and she will move out.

Alone, as it seems, since she is now a loner.

Claes got a message that his old friend Iqbal is getting old and won’t live forever, so he goes to visit him in his house.

This is the finished portrait of Anna. It will not do. Now, Lars has the skills to do an actual portrait and not only still life as he did before. Maybe it will work better.

That’s better! Now it’s time for Anna to go.

She gave us one point towards the legacy challenge.

But first, Claes becomes an elder and gets celebrated by friends and family.

Claes lost his beard when he grew old!

Anna: “Well, Dad, happy birthday. Now I’m leaving to go live on my own”
Claes: “Gasp! My little girl is all grown up!”

The next day after work, Claes goes to visit Anna in her new house. He finds that Jeremey lives there too. I must say I’m a bit surprised, I thought she would live alone.

Claes spends all afternoon at Anna and Jeremey’s house, getting to know them better. Might we dare hope for grand-children in the future?

It’s the boys’ birthday on Tuesday. Claes and his elderly wife Tamara have lunch together before arranging the party. They have a great relationship - always seeking each other out and kiss and flirt autonomously.

Karl, the heir, goes first. His, or it is Lars’ childhood friend Albina Salmon cheers him on.

He looks exactly as he did while growing up, and aquires the trait Athletic, that sticks. Good for him that he’s got his mother’s build and not his father’s!

When Lars comes home from his parttime job, him too has his birthday. The guests are still here, just not in the picture.

Lars gets more hair, but it looks less… And he really looks like his mother! The boys have her build and hair colour both of them, while Lars also has her nose and eyes. The child looking most like Claes is actually Anna. She’s got his build and all his colours, too.

Life goes on at the Motvalls house. Tamara arranges another fund raising party.

And Lars finishes the portrait of his mother in her formal wear. (It’s very hard to get a good composition of the portraits, can someone give me any hints on how to do it properly?)

By the way, here is our generation 2 heir – Karl Motvalls

He ended up being Insane, Excitable and Neurotic, besides being an Athletic Snob.
He doesn’t have a wife in mind yet, but has to start thinking very soon.

Lars, Karl’s twin, is still in the house. He has a project to finish – to paint all family members. After that is finished, he can move out. Right now he’s working on his father’s portrait.

And here’s the result. The painting is worth 569§, but is of course not for sale!

Karl throws a party to meet some ladies. These two, Tracie and Vilja, looks most promising. However, there’s no way of telling how old they are though, so we just presume that they will be young enough to breed if Karl suceeds in seducing one of them.

Anna is visiting, too, and has a chat with her father. I don’t think she’s pregnant, only fat. She doesn’t wear maternity wear. She still lives together with her boyfriend Jeremey, but they are not married.

And look at this – Claes has earned 100.000 aspiration points during his life – that’s 1p!

Lars finished the portrait of his brother Karl, and now has only a portrait of himself to finish before he can be released.

Karl has realised that Gillian, who was a few classes under him in high school, grew up to young adult. She’s nice, but unfortunately has a boyfriend already.

However, her sign is Cancer and those signs are compatible. Karl has to work a little harder on Gillian. It will be tough though, since she’s unflirty!

Lars works on the portrait of himself in order to be able to move out. He cannot paint a selfportrait as such, but it will be a still life. We’ll have to live with that.

Karl has suddenly rolled a want to increase his tinkering skill. And why not? Read on!

Still life Lars is finished

And the artist is kicked out. The family doesn’t have enough money to give him a decent place to live.

Karl continues his novel on his pink computer

And Claes and Tamara entertain each other and Justine Leighton. Life goes on.

Next time - heir romance!

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